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The Adventure is only beginning. Here's what to do next...

The Gift of Salvation

Here is the story of our faith:

God the Father loved the world so much that he sent God the Son to be born among us, to live life among us, and finally to die at our hands. 

He did not do this as a test of our faith, because he knew that we would not pass. 

From the creation of Adam and Eve to the calling of Abraham to the Kingship of David to the cries of the Prophets— we’ve never been a faithful people. Do you know who was faithful? Perfectly faithful? 

Jesus. Jesus was faithful. Perfectly faithful, perfectly loving.

And so if you want to know if you’re saved, the question is not whether you’re good enough. The question is not whether you’re answering the questions correctly. The question is not whether you’re attending the right church or voting for the right candidate or checking the right boxes on a list of doctrinal statements. The question is not whether you’ve sinned lately or had doubts in your heart or if you’ve been baptized properly. 

The question of salvation is simply this: Do you trust Jesus? Do you trust Jesus? Do you trust that God, in Jesus, loves you? Do you trust that the love displayed in Jesus in offering up his body for the life of the world is sufficient? Do you believe that?

If the answer to that question is yes, then you can pray this prayer:

God, thank you for loving me. You sent your Son to this world for me, and he sacrificed himself for me so that I could have the full, eternal life that you intended for me all along. I trust in Jesus's perfect love, and I want that love to be the way I live my own life as well. Please make me more like Him.


What to Do Next

If you have recently prayed a prayer of trust in the love of Jesus, please fill out the form below. The next step in your Christian journey is to get connected with a group of people who will show you how to live like Jesus. Praying a prayer of faith is only the first step in life's biggest adventure. If you fill out the form below, a pastor will be in contact with you to talk about how to grow!