There are only 312 weekends in a child’s life from 1st-6th grade.  Time is short so we want to be strategic!  In Elementary Ministries, a specific discipleship process is in place to help our children grow spiritually.  Our curriculum is specifically chosen with this in mind and developed to include our Core Values. Kids are encouraged to ask questions, make a commitment to Jesus and take the step of  baptism when they are ready. We want to support them and their families in their spiritual journey.

TOP TEN - Ten Important Truths  

We believe these important truths lay the foundation in kids’ lives and will help them on their spiritual journey. We strive to have our lessons include one or more of these so they have a good grasp of these important truths.  

  1. God loves you
  2. God created you and the whole world
  3. God sent His Son Jesus
  4. The Bible is God's Word
  5. Prayer is talking to God
  6. God desires to have a personal relationship with you
  7. God exists in three persons:  Father, Son, & Holy Ghost
  8. God wants you to be His disciple
  9. God wants you to live a holy life
  10. We are part of the body of Christ 


DISCIPLESHIP CLASSES - First Step/Next Step Classes

Baptism Classes

For kids 8 years old and up, in grades 3-6, interested in learning about baptism, classes are offered once a quarter. 


Grade Level Discipleship Classes

A specific discipleship process is in place to help our elementary children as they grow spiritually in LightQuest Ministries. In order for our kids to become mature believers in Christ they must understand the truths and promises of God. Kids are encouraged to make real commitments to God and to follow this step with baptism. This discipleship process takes kids a step deeper to discover how the truth of the Bible lesson can transform their life.


In-depth spiritual training covering important faith topics are outlined for each age group:

            1st grade- Treasure the Bible

            2nd grade- God's Word-The Bible

            3rd grade- Our GREAT God (Attributes of God)

`          4th grade- Cross Training:  “Followers of Christ” (see below)

            5th grade- Rock Solid Truth: “How to Study the Bible”

            6th grade- Rock Solid Truth: “Foundations of the Faith”


Cross Training 

We believe children can handle deep truth at a young age.  Children will have opportunities to dive deep through Cross Training.  This class is designed specifically for upper elementary-aged children (4th-6th grade). It is offered in the fall specifically for our 4th grade students. Then in the winter for any 4th-6th grade students who have not had the opportunity to attend.The goal of this 4 week class is that the child will clearly understand the important elements in the Christian life.