The Mercy Project


We believe that the church is God's ongoing presence in the world. Our hearts should break for what breaks the heart of God, compelling us to fight injustice and to serve others compassionately.

To help people engage in fighting injustice and serving others compassionately, we offer a variety of serving opportunities by partnering with local and global organizations.


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Local Mercy Projects 

Through local mercy projects in the City of Chandler, Crossroads seeks to encourage community development in our city and enabling Crossroads to journey with individuals and families through relationships and demonstrating the redemptive power of Jesus Christ.  Learn more...

Global Mercy Projects

By partnering with global organizations, Crossroads is able to participate in providing basic human needs to those in extreme poverty, partner with churches to increase ministry effectiveness, and help address issues of extreme injustice.  Learn more...

Join the Mercy Project Group On CRNAZ ONLINE

The best way to stay engaged in our Mercy Project efforts at Crossroads is to join the Mercy Project group on CRNAZ Online.  CLICK HERE to join.