College-Aged Young Adults - Overview

What Is College-Aged Young Adults Ministry?

College-Aged Young Adults Ministry is for anyone college-aged (18-23).

God’s love draws us into a glorious relationship with Him and we choose to follow God’s call for spiritual growth to holiness and the establishment of His Kingdom on earth.

We exist as a larger Body of Christ, not only the local Body at Crossroads, but the larger Church of the Nazarene and followers of Christ throughout the world. We realize our spiritual journey is found in the context of God’s story and seek to celebrate the Sacraments with God’s Church.

We understand that our spiritual journey was intended to be lived in authentic community. Our experiences in Christ are to be shared with one another and we desire to create and facilitate opportunities to truly live together in genuine community.

We celebrate that God loves everyone and thus we are compelled to actively bring about God’s Kingdom for all people. We accept the teachings of Scripture to care for the poor, the hungry, the thirsty, and the naked. We also realize that God’s creation is to be cared for by His creations and thus seek to treat our world accordingly.